The Fall Series: I

While New York is still going strong with its 80+ degree weather and I’m enjoying the last few days of summer, my mind is already indulging in my favorite season. It’s finally time to pack away the bikinis and denim shorts and fill my closet with this season’s best pieces.

My goal for this season? Picking pieces that will be quote on quote, trendy, for years to come. Minimalist, neutral, and flattering. Functional overall. I want to have pieces I can build around and use as a foundation for any occasion. 


I can never stress it enough. Basic pieces are EVERYTHING to a wardrobe. I have never been much of a pattern, crazy silhouette, or super bright person except on occasion. Basic tops and bottoms are easy to layer and can be versatile for any look you want to create. Fall basics are seemingly never-ending, from leather to cashmere and trench coats to the everyday sweater.   

In order: Ralph Lauren RTW Fall 2022, Jacquemus RTW Fall 2022, Ralph Lauren RTW Fall 2022, Sacai RTW Fall 2022, Balenciaga RTW Fall 2022
Shop here:
In order: Everlane Way-High Drape Pant, Aritzia Guell Sweater, Skims Soft Lounge Long Sleeve Dress, Revolve Vegan Leather Pant, Urban Outfitters Faux Leather Overcoat, Aritzia Sculpt Knit Crew Longsleeve

Muted Earthy Colors

Right along with the basics, if you look in my closet, here is what you will see. Black, white, gray, brown, *pink*, and deep shades of blues, greens, and reds, more black, more white, etc. More muted tones scream the fall season and almost always pair well together. Burnt orange, pine green, or a basic navy blue are my go-to’s, and as someone who rarely wears color, I’ll never pass up on a stunning earth tone.

In order: Louis Vuitton RTW Fall 2022, Max Mara PreFall 2022, Alexander McQueen PreFall 2022, Stella McCartney PreFall 2022, Givenchy RTW Fall 2022
Shop Here:
In order: The Reformation Sky Silk Top, Banana Republic Crepe Cowl-Neck Top, Aritzia Pelli Shirt Jacket, The Reformation Wide Leg Corduroy Pants, Anthropologie Bow Tie Maxi Dress

Maxi Skirts

As someone on the shorter end at 5’4’’, longer hemlines always seemed intimidating to me. Mini skirts and dresses have always been my go-to, but lately, I have been challenging myself with ankle and floor-length dresses. Why not throw a few maxi skirts into the mix? It’s one of the perfect transition pieces for summer to fall, keeping your look feminine and chic. Oh, and have you seen those drawstring cargo skirts? I need it now. 

In order: Sacai RTW Fall 2022, Acne Studios RTW FW 2022, Alberta Ferretti RTW Fall 2022
Shop here:
In order: ZARA Cargo Skirt, The Reformation Sangria Knit Skirt, Anthropologie Ruffled Tulle Skirt, SIR Isobel Maxi Skirt, SIR Blanche Tie Skirt

Mini Skirts

Do not get me wrong because mini skirts will NEVER be out for me. I recently picked up a faux leather mini skirt and have not wanted to take it off. Since Miu-Miu introduced the game-changing MINI mini skirt, many lines have escalated their designs and silhouettes, giving me a million options. For fall, a mini is my favorite piece to layer sweaters and coats with and break in a pair of knee highs. 

In order: Ester Manas RTW Fall 2022, Miu Miu RTW Fall 2022, Coperni RTW Fall 2022, Valentino PreFall 2022
Shop here:
In order: Anthropologie Pilcro Utility Mini Skirt, Express Comfort Straight Mini Skirt, Garage Faux Leather Skort, Free People Pleated Micro Mini Skort

Puddle Trousers

For the days I run out of skirts and forget to do my laundry, trousers are my favorite pants ever. I’ve always been a big pants, micro top girl, so a pair of these trousers are my dream. The oversized, “puddle” trousers have replaced baggy jeans and split hem pants in my closet this fall. They’re comfortable, breathable, and look effortlessly chic.

In Order: Jacquemus RTW Fall 2022, Skall Studio Copenhagen Fall 2022, The Garment Copenhagen Fall 2022, Jacquemus RTW Fall 2022, Sonia Carrasco Madrid RTW Fall 2022
Shop Here:
In Order: The Reformation Mason Pant, Zara Full-Length Pants, ALO Yoga Puddle Sweatpant, SIR Adrien Trouser, H&M Dress Pants

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