These 11 Must-Haves Are All You Need to be “That” Girl This Summer

This summer has been all about self-care, hot girl walks, clean and chic fashion and keeping up with all of the latest trends: activewear as a fashion statement, the off-duty model slicked back bun, clean skin-care, pilates, and hours spent binge reading Colleen Hoover’s latest romance novel (just to name a few). And if I’m being honest, yes, I have been a sucker for all of the above with no regrets. From active sets to sun protection for your summer beach days, here are some essentials to keep you feeling and looking your best this summer.

The Holy Grail of Sunscreens
Supergoops Unseen Sunscreen $20-$36

Travel Light
ALO Explorer Fanny Pack $72

To Match Your Set:
ALO Off-Duty Cap $32

Beach Necessities
COACH Small Tote $395

Walking Pretty
Steve Madden Hadyn White Leather $79.95

Slick Talker
Bed Head Hair Stick $23

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