The MET Gala – Blake Lively Pays Tribute to New York City in Versace

The first Monday in May is dedicated to fashion’s biggest night. The MET Gala took place this May 2nd, showcasing themes of high society, opulence, and glamour. Dig deeper into the theme of Gilded Glamour here.

Blake Lively, a co-chair alongside her husband Ryan Reynolds, was dressed by Versace this year. Arriving in a beautiful and voluminous copper Versace Atelier gown, Lively pulled off a stunning transformation into an oxidized sea-green look.

The gown was paired with opera gloves, that were also patinaed, as well an oversized draping of fabric over her torso down to the train. Her gown represented the city and its most iconic and traditional landmarks. 

Clearly, the main inspiration was pulled from the Statue of Liberty, which is known to have changed color over the course of time. “This dress is a homage to New York City”, Lively expressed on the carpet before going into detail on how Versace captured the magic of the city the actress holds so close to her heart. 

Lorraine Schwartz created the crown, featuring seven spikes just like the crown on the Statue of Liberty. Impressively requested by Lively herself, the crown was encrusted with 25 stones to emulate the 25 windows on the historic monument at Ellis Island.

Details on the bodice of the dress resembled the architecture of the Empire State Building and has “the constellations of Grand Central Station painted” as well.

Being a socialite in the Gilded Age was the aspiration of all families, from new or old money, and there was no place like New York City to live out this dream. The arrival of immigrants to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty began in 1892, the prime start of the Gilded era. Lively and Versace captured this new chapter of life and extravagant style perfectly in this look, showcasing a symbol of new beginnings in the greatest city in the world.

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