The 2022 Met Gala – Gilded Glamour

This years theme, co-chairs, and what to expect.

Hearing this years Met Gala theme has me anticipating the A-list event taking place on May 2nd at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

Scheduled back to its traditional date in May, this years co-chairs include power Hollywood couple, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, along with Lin-Manuel Miranda and actress Regina King.

There is no event like the Met Gala in that it allows celebrities to appear in exquisite fashion. Following up from last years rocky theme of “America: An Anthology of Fashion,” this years theme, “Gilded Glamour” will be on display in the center of New York. The theme, explained by GQ, refers to Americas Gilded Age during the late 19th century in which the country experienced rapid industrialization and booming economic growth.

From a time where the rise of Rockefellar and Vanderbilt were all the talk among other socialites, we can expect an abundance of exceptionally glamourous “old-money” looks to grace the red carpet.

Fashion in the Gilded Age

In the prime age of wealth and socialite status in New York, the Gilded Age introduced fashion that has paved the way for us, over a century later. Regardless of the level of wealth achieved by socialites, a main priority was to look as rich or richer than the person next to you.

Fashion was used as a display of wealth, and women were focused on having gowns on top of gowns for any event. Sleep gowns, morning gowns, gowns to wear as they prepared to step into the evening gown. And as they made their way through each, the pieces only became more glamorous, raising their status by the seam.

Key staples of high society fashion in the Gilded Age? Corsets, long silhouettes, opera gloves, lace, bows and buttons, not to mention hundreds of crystal and diamond embellishments. Inspiration taken from French designs give these gowns a dainty aura while still showcasing wealth and a display of power among others.

What Should You Expect at the Met Gala?

This years gala is expected to be one for the books, because lets face it – there is nothing celebrities and stylists do better than glamour. So who should we be looking out for? For starters, co-chair and Met Gala veteran Blake Lively has shown up time and time again with stunning looks. This is the perfect opportunity for Lively to channel her inner Serena Van der Woodsen and show how New York socialites do glamour.

Lady Gaga is another name that impresses each and every time. Her last look at the 2020 “Camp” theme was a head turning 4-in-1 look that is likely to be topped this year. Rihanna (whose attendance is up in the air with her first child on the way), Billy Porter, Kim Kardashian and Co., and Dua Lipa are among other A-listers whose appearances are highly anticipated.

As a New York City native with a love for French takeaways and an old-money look (highly influenced by my love of Blair Waldorf and Gossip Girl as a whole), this years gala is calling my name in every way and may just give me even more of an excuse to empty my bank account on some of the classiest and glamourous fashion pieces.

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