Dojaka Captures the Magic Behind the Female Gaze

When you think of the female gaze, you think sexy. And when you think sexy, most minds go to more skin, fewer clothes. Nensi Dojaka embodied the true female gaze of sexiness THROUGH confidence in her latest collection. Known for her silhouettes of intricate cutouts, straps, straps, and more straps, Dojaka presented an on-brand collection, now including curvier women alongside the “model” standard.

With a combination of complementing fabrics – leather, knit, mesh, and padded pieces – each look, while very different, worked perfectly hand in hand. There is a sophisticated sexiness in the lingerie aesthetic of the collection – bra cutouts in neutral dresses and bodysuits combined with sheer torsos and connecting straps overlapping exposed skin keeping looks interesting. Beyond that, we saw monotone trousers and matching blazers overlapping more strappy tops and bodysuits, and puffer jackets with the same subtle, sexy look.

Dojaka’s way of creating a cool and sexy atmosphere out of such classy pieces shows her true intelligence in understanding the female gaze and what a little bit of confidence can do for the simplest of pieces. Her choice of fabrics and placement of cut-outs and extra straps give women the option of wearing simply complex pieces every day with the utmost confidence and an overwhelming feeling of sexiness. While still exposing skin, she does it in such an intelligent way as to not come off as sexy in the traditional, straightforward way we see time and time again, but rather in a subtle notion.

If there is one thing to take away from this collection, it’s that sexiness comes from confidence. And that sexiness doesn’t necessarily come from wearing the stereotypical “sexy” clothing or having what the industry considers to be the “body of a model.” It comes simply from having a coolness about yourself and using your clothing as an accessory to your energy and confidence.

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