Versace Spring 2022 Ready-to-Wear

Gallery and Review

In Milan, Donatella Versace put on a show that quite literally “broke the internet.” With the Versave website crashing and a hectic scene of fans outside of the venue, we took a look back on Versace classics with a new touch for the new generation.

Faces on the runway included Dua Lipa, Gigi Hadid, and Naomi Cambell. Opening the show was Dua, wearing an all black cut-out blazer and slit skirt, worked up with multicolor safety pins, matching her earrings and bright makeup. She closed the show in an iconic hot pink chain mail two-piece. Versace kept things playful throughpout the show, starting with mostly black pieces; hints of Medusa print in each, and moving into some classic leather blazers and skirts before throwing it all out onto the runway.

A subtle transition into color started with collegiate red and a teal floral pattern. Standing out from the maroon blazers was a varsity letter jacket, stamped with a ‘V’ of course and the classic Versace pattern lining the bottom of the waist and wrists. We get a look at the new La Greca print accompanying Miami neons in a frenzy of logo tees, bright tights, and of course, some staple chain mail pieces. The color pallette’s intensity brought a winning factor into the show, giving us a breath of fresh air in between the edginess of the black and leather, which the show slowed down with. Statement black pieces like blazer dresses, slit skirts, vests, and sheer gowns set up the runway for Dua’s final chain mail look.

Versace took a final bow with Dua, proving once more that she is a staple in the fashion world.

All Photos: Alessandro Lucioni

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